Svetlana Filippova was born in Leningrad, (later re-named St. Petersburg) Russia, in 1967. Svetlana was painting from a very early age. However, after leaving school, in 1984, she chose to continue her studies in the more technical field of aircraft design in St. Petersburg, successfully participating in model aircraft flying competitions all over Europe and the USA, before coming to live in Britain, in 1992.

Once here, Lana has worked as a freelance writer for model aircraft magazines in the USA and the UK. She also concentrated more on her creative talents. Now known by her shorter name, Lana gained formal qualifications in interior design.
She now works as an interior designer, whilst writing for magazines like Cheshire Life and still painting and undertaking many commissions.

Lana’s artistic creativity is developing constantly, placing emphasis on texture, form and balance. The search for inner peace and harmony is evident; there are always unexpected twists to be discovered, visually stimulating the observer.

Her structured, abstract works, in mixed media, are executed in cool shades, such as white, cream and silver, with heavy surface texture. Neutral and earthy shades are played against each other with the use of rich browns and reds, purples and teal. They achieve a highly finished, sophisticated ambience with a three-dimensional quality. Unusual effects are achieved by the use of metal, wire and wood in some paintings.

Others are executed on glass panels, fitted to the wall with metal brackets, leaving a sufficient gap to create an extra dimension and a play of shadows. Painted on both sides and multi layered, with transparent, sand blasted and opaque areas, they are truly stunning pieces of art. The use of mirrored, opaque black, grey and bronze transparent glass is the next step from clear glass to create unusual effects, fitting perfectly in the modern interiors.

The latest addition to Lana’s portfolio is paintings on textured metal panels and slate tiles, on wooden panels and unusual wall coverings as well as wall and garden sculptures, which are rapidly gaining popularity amongst the art lovers.

Some of her work is inspired by the subtle colours of “white nights” and imposing architecture of St. Petersburg, where she was brought up. Now her works can be found in private collections in the UK, Europe and America.